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Identity Card: Truth & Lies, Purpose, Future, Protest Groups & Organisations ...



UK Identity Card



Stop the UK (Global) ID Card

NO2ID & Other Anti-ID/ RFID Initiatives


UK ID - 83% say no out of 7,901 votes
BBC Poll: The Populus Rejects ID Card Intrusion

[March, 2006]

NB Having watched the antics of NO2ID over some period of time, I can no longer in all conscience recommend them. In fact I have the most serious concerns regarding censorship and that their audience are NOT being told 'The Real and Full Story' behind the ID Card - it is far more serious than they let on.

The NO2ID take on things is that the card is attached to some 'dead' database that just sits there until someone wants to verify some info. On one hand they say they are dead against the card while simultaneously they posit that a voluntary card is not an issue [This is a classic 'doublethink' technique] and they indeed encourage people to write to govt stating the 'only' problem you have is with the compulsion aspect, thereby giving your tacit approval!

- See their latest Newsletter (#40) and follow the links to their sample letter they want you to write. Notice that nowhere in that letter do they want you to state you object to the principle of a card, on the contrary, they want you merely to say you object to a 'compulsory' card. This should ring alarm bells to anyone half awake!

NB I have brought to their attention many of the facts presented below but they refuse to engage with it, they even go as far as denial and their audience consequently remains oblivious, blindly trusting NO2ID to tell them what they need to know.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

*** "I will refuse to register for an ID card and will donate 10 to a legal defence fund but only if 10,000 other people will also make this same pledge." ***  (pledgebank)

Sign the Pledge Now and 'STOP the UK National ID Card!'  www.no2id.net campaign using www.pledgebank.com - Spread the Word!

MS Word Document *** NO2ID: Charles Clarke, 'ID cards are about controlling society' ***  [Sept 7th, 2005]
NO2ID still do not realise that what they are seeing is the makings of a long planned for 'Global' ID Card but at least they are beginning to realise (if extremely late,) that they do not have anything approaching the full picture. ... better wake up and see what time it is.

Three words: ... 'Full-spectrum dominance' ... or ... 'Total Information Awareness' (renamed 'Terrorist Information Awareness' after a few people started to get alarmed).

PS If you think that what they are doing in America won't affect England, then you simply haven't been paying attention, e.g. America wants Britain's ID card to be accessible by their system. The data therefore will not only be shared all over America, but under their FTAA and similar schemes, this, our private and personal data, will also be shared with other countries including Canada and Mexico (and then others) therefore adding to the immense security risk this card already proposes.

America has had several incidences of this (in)secure ID data being leaked or pilfered, affecting millions so far, they also sell the data to private companies. Soon, there might not be a corrupt country or criminal organisation anywhere that doesn't know more about you than you do. No more 'Security through Obscurity'.

UK Initiatives:


British national identity card - Wikipedia

Global Initiatives:

USA  http://www.nonationalid.com
USA  http://realnightmare.org/
USA  http://www.unrealid.com/
USA  http://stoprealidnow.blogspot.com/

Global Resources:

IDENTITY CARDS - Frequently Asked Questions (1996) [Global]
This report provides an analysis of the key aspects of identity (ID) cards and related technologies. It has been prepared by Privacy International in the wake of widespread concern across the world about the implications of modern ID systems. Our intention here is to discuss the evidence at an international level and to promote debate about the claims made about such card systems.

National Identification Schemes (NIDS) and the Fight against Terrorism: Frequently Asked Questions [Global]
This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provides background on why NIDS are an unsuitable measure to increase security against terrorist attacks.

On Campaigns of Opposition to ID Card Schemes (1996) [Global]
Proposals for identity (ID) cards have provoked public outrage and political division in several countries. In this paper Simon Davies analyses the key elements of public opposition to ID Card schemes, and profiles the massive 1987 Australian campaign against a national ID card.

CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
Consumer group opposed to supermarket loyalty and frequent shopper cards.

CASPIAN: - How RFID will compromise Privacy, Security, Freedom
How Major Corporations and Government Plan To Track Your Every Move With RFID

Global IDentification
Global IDentification, benchmarks, automatic identification technologies, concepts and solutions - The reference media for auto ID

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What it is all about (semi-rant)

Watch Tower IBM (parent company of Verichip) yet again to rule over us?

It has nothing to do with keeping you safe from terrorism: It is about tracking everything you do -and- taxing, regulating and CONTROLing what you may or may not do.

NB It seems the focus of the mass media is more on the costs involved than the infringements imposed by an Identity Card/ Internal Passport. They also ignore the fact that the purpose of the ID Card 'as claimed', is an insane unworkable idea. The problem with the ID Cards is far from the horrendous cost, the problem is what the cards themselves represent, e.g. loss of freedoms, constant monitoring and tracking, denial of services, new abilities to tax, penalise and restrict, incredible erosions of privacy, massive increases in identity fraud (the govt will sell the information collected to other countries and companies around the world where it will then be stolen and abused!).

The cost is a side-issue and a distraction from the real debate - the (RF)ID Card is not acceptable AT ANY COST! What you may well see happen if the 'costs' issue is pursued is that certain guarantees will be given to reduce costs to an 'acceptable' level and then the sheep-like masses will think the issue has now gone away, forgetting what it was ever about and will actually support the ID Cards - as dumb as that sounds, it is how the manipulation (coupled with appropriate propaganda) works. Campaigners are playing right into the hands of those who want RFID Cards because they do not understand INCREMENTALISM as a deliberate tactic, they think that if they can get a (useless) guarantee that the cards will not be compulsory that they have somehow won the debate. With incrementalism you go from A~Z in stages, it is like compromising with a burglar so that he only steals from one room at a time.

If you don't want to be a victim of identity fraud, don't make it easy by carrying all your ID in one place where it can be stolen by a sub 100 reader from tens of feet away (cattle fitted with this technology/ RFID can be read from as far away as a quarter-mile) - pickpocketing has never been easier than when you can steal 'everyones' identity within a 20~30ft? range in a split-second! Just consider the added (and in my view the biggest threat) of a government that turns Hitlerian with this technology - where are you gonna run??

All this and more and this is before the RFID Cards are declared a security risk and the only option is to implant the RFID chip in your arm (once they have all the infrastructure in place and have already spent billions). This IS the plan and it is already being rolled out (in America and elsewhere), eg suggestions that implantable chips will benefit people with alzheimers and of course prisoners and then we couldn't leave out hospital patients. Then of course there is the 'fad/ trendy/ hip' angle where RFID is already being implanted in club goers so they don't need to carry around cash.

Remember, these are the same people that lied to you repeatedly about 911, these same people lied us into war after endless war/ war crime, do you really think they only want to protect your identity by throwing billions and billions at something that isn't even an issue? have they not lied repeatedly about the card and their intentions already? - Don't trust the scum - Do not trust them!

Excellent RFID archive - www.infowars.com - "Cashless Society"

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An overview of the ID Card and The Surveillance State  (censored blog post)

I'm posting the following (updated) Forum Message here because it is being censored on the NO2ID Forums - They don't wan't you to read this! - Fortunately, this is a 'NO2CENSORSHIP' Zone - long live Freedom of Speech!

What is the The Future for the (Global) ID Card?

I don't know why so many people over at NO2ID are so surprised that Blair is now announcing the ID Card will be compulsory. Her Maj' made it quite clear to her Subjects back in Nov, 2004 that she would have a compulsory ID Card - See: ID card scheme unveiled by Queen HM Govt is fulfilling this desire and the Lords will no doubt 'play' their part in this pantomime.

One of the major problems I see in how it has been able to get this far, is that there has been a distinct lack of awareness of what these cards truly represent and hence a weak argument has been made in opposing it (probably due to all those censorship rules about not discussing what they call 'conspiracy theories'). Let's get this straight, it will form the basis of a Global ID Card, USA has already stated they want compatibility and thanks to the FTAA, the USA is removing its borders with both Canada and Mexico. USA also will be selling the data. I'm fairly sure without double checking that the FTAA will combine with Europe and so on and so forth.

I find it troubling that a gov't can say they are going to introduce these cards and provide such a shabby explanation of what they represent, in fact if we cast our minds back we will recall that the 'problem' changed several times however the 'solution' was always the same with no debate on how exactly this would solve these new found problems.

It took a long time for people to recognise the obvious that there would be a database attached to these cards and this is still only a tiny fragment of the story (no doubt people were afraid to theorise, speculate or do any research, lest they be labelled a conspiracy theorist by those purporting to be the solution to this mess).

Whereas prior to the ID Cards 'stuff and things' were 'free' (in a manner of speaking), the card in effect will now become a 'license'. This will include Permissions, Special Privileges and Quotas etc (you name it) as it all can now be tracked and traced back to the individual. If we need an ID Card to combat terrorism then rest assured we need it for everything else - these will be phased in of course so absolutely no need to get alarmed.

In the name of fighting terrorism you can monitor every single transaction. You can combine the data with disloyalty cards and introduce personal taxes. eg, a FAT Tax for people who eat too much fake bread, MSG, salt, sugar, diseased factory farmed meat - pumped full of hormone growth and antibiotic drugs, aspartame or other cheap muck the supermarkets force upon those who cannot afford to buy anything else. For evidence there are attempts to roll this out, see: Tesco rejects MPs' pleas to help cut obesity in children

You can make it an all-in-one payment card to combat credit card fraud and actually have all money digitised - no cash ever, thus combating tax fraud. You can give people a security rating based on what books they read or how much money they owe, the uses are never ending - freedom is a terrorist risk. Heck, make it voluntary to begin with if that will get it on the books, there is all the time in the world to tweak it here and there - a bit like building Frankenstein's monster?

If you want to see how (global) ID cards are being used, take a good look at Fallujah fr'instance, where you can be shot dead for not carrying one. Alternatively take a look at the American colonies.
(It's still a monarchy you know - See: Kerry's royal roots will give him victory, says Burke's)
Read some of the fine stuff Congressman Ron Paul has had to say in opposition to the 'Real ID' Act - Here: National ID Cards Won't Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration & Several more Here: Real ID Act Will Make America a Police State.

Incidentally, I brought the fact up with NO2ID that America is getting a National ID Card (Real ID) and even provided the evidence along with gov't bill numbers etc however they reassured me it is all just a crazed conspiracy theory. My concerns about NO2ID don't stop there and I may well be writing something up on that later - meanwhile I suggest you find a forum/ Organisation that permits and promotes free speech and freedom of thought if you really want to get to the bottom of this issue and solve it rather than just 'make pretend'.

Finally, when thieves do the obvious and buy a cheap RFID Scanner, they can effectively 'pick-pocket' anyone and everyone. This will make 'Identity Theft' (plus terrorism & crime) a real concern that nobody could possibly have predicted. The RFID Chip will contain everything they could hope to know about you, the only solution will be to implant the RFID in your arm of course. In fact they are already rolling this one out too in the good ol' USofA - See: Welcome to the Cashless Society Control Grid. Is it any wonder we cannot get a straight answer on what these cards are for and how they will 'stop' terrorism?

Just think how safe you will be when they can not only spy on you with their street cameras but instantly identify you too, doesn't it give you such a warm feeling all over.

[March, 2006]


"Freedom of speech, if it means what it says, involves the right to irritate, annoy, dismay and shock anyone who listens. The only sensible limitations should be on speech which leads to violence, affray or disorder."
- Andrew Alexander (UK Daily Mail - Feb, 2005)

"We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still."
- John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859.

[Further quotes on censorship]

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Identification Systems/ Surveillance and Databases


USA - Real ID Card


PDF: surveillance.pdf   [341 KB]

For those curious as to the source and authenticity of this map, it is one of several publications available from Université Tangente, (New 'Université Tangente' Site here).

This is a KEY DOCUMENT, detailing the interconnecting networks across the globe of surveillance systems. Learn about the collaborative agreements between the UK & USA (UKUSA), and how 'UKUSA' along with 'Canada, Australia & New Zealand' have divided the world into five sections to be surveilled. You may already have heard of many of these things in isolation such as Echelon, UKUSA, SIGINT, CIA, NSA and all the rest of it. You will recognise many of the global corporations such as Plessey, Siemens, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Hughes et al. Here they all are presented in a single chart. This is truly phenomenal information - please download and spread it around everywhere you can.

For one thing, it will make a mockery of the so called Anti-ID Card 'gatekeeper' groups who pretend to be defending our interests, whereas in reality, their primitive, naive, caveman-like approach will only guarantee our defeat. If your group refuses to recognise the reality and deal with it, if they dismiss everything with stupid, dumbed down phrases like "conspiracy theory" - walk away, form your own group!

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The UK/ Global ID Card & RFID Chip - In The News

*** IBM calls for global identity management solution ***  (zdnet) [Nov 10th, 2005]

International standards backed up by a UN body are needed to clear up the international identity-verification mess, according to a senior IBM Global Services executive

*** ID Cards Bill in crisis after peers inflict defeat ***  (independent.co.uk) [January 19th, 2006]

Proposals for a national ID card scheme are in crisis after peers inflicted a treble defeat on the Government's flagship programme. (237 votes to 156)

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats lambasted the potentially huge costs involved.

*** No end to destruction in Falluja ***  (aljazeera - (with images)) [January 2nd, 2005]
*** No end to destruction in Falluja ***  (www.iraqwar.mirror-world.ru) [December 18th, 2004]

One of the causes of major complaint were stringent and intrusive security measures. US forces stationed around the city have to issue ID cards to those they allow back in, a document that has to be carried at all times.

At the beginning of December, one prime-time US news channel had a military official telling Americans that Fallujans would "be finger printed, given a retina scan and then an ID card, which will only allow them to travel around their homes or to nearby aid centres".

At the beginning of December, one prime-time US news channel had a military official telling Americans that Fallujans would "be finger printed, given a retina scan and then an ID card, which will only allow them to travel around their homes or to nearby aid centres". "The marines will be authorised to use deadly force against those breaking the rules."

*** Everything you never wanted to know about the UK ID card ***  (theregister UK) [May 5th, 2004]

There will be a "family" of ID documents that will be phased in, beginning with passports. These will start to appear in three years, at which point it will not be possible to get an old style non-biometric passport. The system's non-compulsory nature therefore hinges on your not actually wanting a passport any more - otherwise you have to give the Passport Office the 73 for the new one.

The draft bill includes power to set a date for the card becoming compulsory, but this will not happen until after "the initial stage of the identity card scheme was in place and following a vote in both Houses of Parliament on a detailed report which sets out all the reasons for the proposed move to compulsion." Correct - that does not specify a date.

The Home Office suggests more visible information: "name, age, validity dates, whether a person has a right to work, and an unique number". There you go, feature-creep already.

*** RFID Implants: Making the Body Electric ***  (aimglobal) [March 30th, 2006]

Implanted RFID tags have been receiving a lot of attention lately. Originally used to provide unique identification for race horses and family pets, they are now being increasingly considered as a way to provide a "loss proof" identification device for people.

Since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the tags for implantation in humans, primarily as a "license plate" key to access individual's medical records, there have been a number of other applications for which these tags have been proposed or even used, at least on a trial basis.

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A German police officer examines the identification papers of Jews in the Krakow ghetto, circa 1941.jpg

From History: A German police officer examines the identification papers of Jews in the Krakow ghetto, circa 1941

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The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison For Humanity

"The Panopticon is defined as a prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen. This is an accurate description of the accelerating movement by western governments to erect giant, powerful, all-pervading mass surveillance, tracking and control grids that will keep all populations firmly under the baleful and watchful gaze of Big Brother."

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