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Eaglemountain's: New World Order - Virtual (Multimedia) Library
Your guide to the New World Order


New World Order - Virtual (Multimedia) Library

New World Order: A Multimedia Resource Library with focus on Uncensored News relating to the NWO/ Illuminati, Globalism & 9/11. Listen daily to FREE `Internet Radio Shows' with Audio/ Video Archives, Forums and Books.

Your guide to the New World Order!


Sample CD/ DVD  [See 'CD FILE LISTING' below for more up to date contents]


Spreading the word using the advantage of 'State of the Art' Technology

Advantages: Quick, efficient, cheap, powerful! - This is a fast way to bring anyone up to speed.

Approximately ten hours of high drama video and a few hours in audio. This method has the ability to pass on gob loads of high quality, convincing information together with reference sources. Cost for each CD works out less than half an American dollar. In England, the cost to me is perhaps 20p for all materials (assuming person already has a computer, CD writer etc), this could be reduced well below 20p using a paper CD case or plastic wallets. Recordable DVDs are from 13p each.

Some UK CD, DVD & Accessory Suppliers

Tip: If you are in England or Europe, buy your CDs/ DVDs online in bulk, e.g. - check out from among those listed below for all your CDs, DVDs, Cases, Writer and other computer needs. Prices start under 10 pence per CD before delivery and from 13 pence per DVD. A CD Writer is available for 18 inc., DVD Burners start at 20 (at time of writing).

Join their Mailing Lists if applicable for special deals and discounts.

Disk Depot - Blank DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R and more


NB Do choose your supplier carefully as some are less reputable than others, I have been bitten myself more than once but the costs are still a fraction of highstreet prices. Web search or try usenet to see what customers are saying.

Some places on Usenet to check for the best suppliers:

NEWSGROUP uk.comp.vendors
NEWSGROUP alt.consumers.uk-discounts.and.bargains

Hand out these CDs/ DVDs to your friends and family, leave them in waiting rooms, bars, at work or club. Give out at meetings/ gatherings, on the streets etc. Use your imagination. We need to be thinking in terms of distributing these frequently and often, one a week is better than nothing of course but if you can manage ten a week or a hundred a month, please do so. The world is counting on you.

Get Involved - Make A Difference!


Making quality CDs/ DVDs on the cheap

For instructions to help you create your own CD, please follow this link - (Extremely) Rough Guide on what to say when handing out CDs


Below is printout of CD Contents (using FolderPrint)

NB Due to space considerations I am unable to store all/any of the files for download. You can access these files and others from USENET, which carries all of these (films) from time to time. Alternatively, create your own version or simply limit yourself to what is here. If so, you may wish to 'personalise' it by adding your own contact details, list of URLs, Flyers, current events or whatever.


NB Several/most CD Links below are currently available but this is for a very temporary period only, due to lack of storage space. Grab them while you can!

  FolderPrint3: Listing of   <d:> Created on: 11/11/04 11:59:03
  Directory(Folder)  summary:  Size(bytes):          695.3 Mb
  SubFolders Total:....        25
  Files Total:.........       179


     1. [ Martial Law - Alex Jones 2005 ]
                                                               1.1 Mb ........
     2. [ Some Documents ]
                                                               1.2 Mb ........
     3. [A'Video] - Blair Knew of Plan To Murder Dr David Kelly
                                                               7.1 Mb ........
     3. [ [AUDIO] - AJ - Michael Shrimpton (Dr Kelly Assassination) ]
                                                               7.1 Mb ........
     4. [ [AUDIO] - AJ - Andreas Von Bulow Declares CIA Complicit in 911 ]
                                                               7.0 Mb ........
     5. [ [BOOK] - '911 - Decent into Tyranny' - Alex Jones ]
                                                               1.0 Mb ........
     6. [ [BOOK] - 'George Bush (Sr) - The Unauthorized Biography' - Tarpley ]
                                                               3.3 Mb ........
     7. [ [BOOK] - 'Order Out of Chaos' - Paul Joseph Watson ]
                                                               1.3 Mb ........
     8. [ [INTERNET RADIO] - Listen to - Alex Jones Live, Daily ]
                                                              2.2  kb ........
     9.   The Awakening - [File Integrity Check].sfv
                                                              46.9 Kb ........  
    10.   This is a PC multimedia CD
                                                                  0 b ........  
    11.   [Contact Me - awakening@relativitynet.port5.com]
                                                                  0 b ........
    12.   [FILM] - ALEX JONES - MASTERS OF TERROR  (128KBps).wmv
                                                              89.8 Mb ........
    13.   [FILM] - ALEX JONES - MATRIX OF EVIL EXPOSED - Part 1.wmv
                                                              69.1 Mb ........
    14.   [FILM] - ALEX JONES - MATRIX OF EVIL EXPOSED - Part 2.wmv
                                                              64.6 Mb ........
    15.   [FILM] - Martial Law - 911, Rise Of The Police State - Pt1.wmv
                                                              86.6 Mb ........
    16.   [FILM] - Martial Law - 911, Rise Of The Police State - Pt2.wmv
                                                              75.6 Mb ........
    17.   [FILM] - Martial Law - 911, Rise Of The Police State - Pt3.wmv
                                                              95.6 Mb ........
                                                             165.4 Mb ........



Something I find particularly appealing about the CD/ DVD approach is that this CD contains some ten hours of fast paced, highly informative video along with some five hours of audio: This multimedia experience can bring a complete novice not only up to speed but at a highly progressed level. This is far more than can be imparted from a passing conversation.

Additional material on the CD guides the user on where to seek follow up information, e.g. trustworthy Radio Shows and Web Sites, this should then make the person able to operate independently in case they have no way of re-establishing contact with you.

This is a cheap and highly effective method!



Alex Jones Video (and audio) is often available on USENET NEWSGROUPS. The following links may help you find these on your PC, providing your machine is configured properly (if not then you need to configure your PC, check with your ISP for settings.

NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.documentaries
NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.multimedia

Additionally, USENET Audio is obtainable from the following including some rather good Radio Shows (Alex's Radio Shows are uploaded daily in one of these).

NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.sounds.radio.misc (- Try here first)
NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.spoken-word
NEWSGROUP alt.binaries.sounds.spoken-word
To print out the CD covers (see photographs), use FOLDERPRINT Freeware, available at http://www.homestead.com/algor/

Knowledge is POWER!

An Army of informative CDs for 'Truth & Freedom' Advocates everywhere




Alternative 'Awakening' Media

Claus- Portal (PirateBay Torrents) :
Download BitTorrent: http://thepiratebay.org/user/Claus-/

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Any like minded groups or individuals in the U.K. (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales), who would like a FREE copy of the 'Awakening CD' for Distribution/ Research purposes, please email me.

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