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Rough Guide on what to say when handing out CDs

You may find it helpful to prepare a few words when handing out CDs: This is a rough guide only (and not a very good one either), do whatever works best for you. You may prefer to hand out a Flier instead (saves time) or to vary your approach.

Many people are already well aware there is a serious problem but do not know where to find quality news. I am finding a lot of people are actually overjoyed to receive this CD, I even have people requesting copies!


  1. This really is a very rough crib sheet on what to say and do, it is here to provide some ideas. in case you get stuck, use your imagination, play to your strengths, learn your subject and use whatever works best for you. One friendly word of advice: Even though this is such a critical issue, try to present it without striking fear into the person - this may well turn them away, back to their comfort zone. Let them know there is indeed hope and if we act, we can have a world beyond our dreams: As Alex Jones says "This one is for all the marbles".
  2. Target your audience. Time is short and resources are limited therefore distribute CDs where they will have the maximum effect, of course, the more CDs you can generate - the broader an audience you can reach. For now consider targetting those in your immediate group whom you think you can trust and rely on - this extends to your family, friends, colleagues etc. Another layer to distribute to might be those in power, leaders, those with influence and those with a common interest - this can include anyone from priests to activists. You can also leave copies of CDs in various public places (put the word 'Free' where it can be easily spotted). Encourage others to make copies and distribute (or show the films). You can even include stuff on the CD to make this easier, eg Fliers, URL Listings, software - use your imagination. Provide a point of contact so those interested can keep in touch, whether this be an address or email or similar is up to you, these people can help form an alliance or their own groups.
  3. NB This is NOT some subversive activity, this is 'Us' the People taking an active and responsible interest in 'our' world to provide a check and balance when those in a position of power and responsibility run amock, serving their own interests at the expense of the masses and the future of the planet. We are simply doing what is our (civic) duty - if we value our own welfare and that of all our children. Most importantly, this is 'us' who have seen uncensored, the stark condition that faces us imminently and who are attempting to avert this most major of all cataclysms: By acting NOW, we can win this and restore harmony to the world as it should always have been.
  4. Prepare a few sentences to tell people why it is important to learn about the New World Order or however you feel comfortable expressing this serious crisis. Emphasise that all is not doom and gloom and that we now have a chance to do something, if we act swiftly and turn the world around. We really do have an oportunity to not only avert a major catastrophic event but to turn this planet into what it should be - a paradise on earth for all: This possibility has never been closer!
  5. Emphasise that our mass media (TV, News Papers, Radio etc) is propaganda (on the scale of Soviet Russia or Communist China, only much more advanced, high tech and sophisticated), it cannot be trusted - They will come to see this plainly for themselves. We have a major crisis in this world which is TOTALLY censored from any mention. They are not only NOT telling us what is really happening, they are twisting any news to the point of invention (The first casualty in war is the truth). TV has become fantasy la la land. There is much that has been happening in recent (and indeed distant) years and now they need to find out quick. This is not the rantings of a mad man, this is highly documented and easily proven to anyone who takes the time to listen, it is confirmed by a great many senior politicians and officials (watch the CD!). Evidence is the one thing that is not in short supply.
  6. Let them know there is so much already going on in this world (affecting them) of extreme importance and urgency and for their own sake it is important they learn about this. Perhaps mention how time is important before things get worse. e.g. Remind them: We have a madman running America who has already declared a 100 year war and wants to use nukes. This will affect our families and ourselves ALL, along with our children, and our children's children. This is a SERIOUS business.
  7. Tell them what the CD contains and how it will help, e.g. let them know that the recent film by Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 911) has perhaps only 3% of the information in: 'ALEX JONES - POLICE STATE 3 - TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT' (and that they get this better film for free). Alex has been a serious Investigator/ Journalist for many years and has produced a detailed, in-depth, hard hitting and fast paced film(s) which is/are all backed up with evidence which include checkable newspapers and government web sites. You will know what the truth is after seeing just one of his films - be prepared for a shock as the world is turned inside out to what you may have imagined!
  8. Suggest that after they find out the truth, please make copies of the CD or do whatever they can, we must get the word out as quickly as possible. remind them it is fairly cheap to do this by making copies and they will be making a major contribution to getting the truth out and our future liberty by avoiding a long planned for - World War III.
  9. That's it, done - Another person hopefully on board!
  10. Thank you for playing your part in history, please keep it up. Fight the good fight against a return to slavery, cruelty and all the other 'evils' a New World Order has to offer us.

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