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Global Warming & The Bigger Picture



Global Warming & The Bigger Picture

This is a hurriedly cobbled together article on the less than straightforward issue of Global Warming and I remain reticent about going to print with an article that is effectively in limbo. Recent developments however in this particular Global Crisis have brought me much concern and dismay and it is probably more important I put quill to parchment immediately and thus attempt to mend a way forward rather than wait until I've had a chance to complete the article.

Please don't call this as complete because it needs much redacting and new work. If together, you continue in bringing your own unique mix to the situation then despite whatever difficulties, I'm quietly optimistic that a step or so at a time, some logic will eventually emerge - the rest is in the lap of the gods. - My best wishes go out to others charting the same waters.

NB A quick note of thanks to all who have shown me kind and continued support lately, it has been most appreciated - Thank You.


Combating Global Warming


My personal stance on Global Warming
First let me state I do not claim expertise in this subject but I am aware of several affecting issues which the mainstream ignores, hence I am sharing this much at least. In order to draw much more in the way of substantive conclusions I would need to do further research albeit I am probably part way there already.

I am not convinced by the arguments for 'global warming' and I see many nonsense claims being made, I am also aware of other agendas at play and for which the Global Warming 'problem' acts as an excellent pretext to carry out - In fact it is so perfect an excuse that if Global Warming didn't exist, they would have to invent it(!) 'Climate Change' on the other hand I do accept exists and that it has been part of the process of this planet since its formation.

If there is a genuine problem then let us deal with it in a responsible manner by having all the facts up front, let us also consider and debate all possible solutions, rather than taking the ones automatically foisted upon us. I have no fundamental objections to living within our means (sustainable living) however I think it more likely this means 'do without' and that it will be a process that reduces us closer to poverty, subjects us to greater controlled management by government and removes power and rights from we the people, enslaving us. It is easy to lose these things, it is next to impossible to get them back without much bloodshed

One issue that arises from Global Warming and that can be separately researched is the one of Artificial Scarcity - this is a control mechanism to keep the people in their place, to illustrate this point, imagine a world where we had more than enough food to eat, where we didn't need to go back to work next week simply to pay bills, where energy was so cheap it didn't need to be metered - Who would suffer from this abundance? Who would lose their control over us? - 'Fake Rarity' keeps prices high, profits flowing and deprives us of the resources to secure our own independence, it opens us up to exploitation. Ayn Rand spoke of Artificial Scarcity somewhere around 1940 and many others have also mentioned it, it is well understood in business circles; It has been said that "Scarcity is the first law of economics", i.e. You are not going to make much profit by supplying something that is already available in over-abundance.

We stand on the brink of a potential scarcity drive of huge proportions that could by itself reduce us to a second world status (those of us in the first world) and the problems wouldn't stop there. Rather than acting quickly and unthinkingly (which they want), before people have had a chance to reflect what all this means, we need to give it proper consideration so that when we act, we make the right decisions. - Ever noticed how unpopular measures or major spends often get rushed through in politics under some pretense?


'Global Warming' is taking place throughout the solar system, such as on Mars, Jupiter and Pluto


Solar System


Mars Emerging from Ice Age, Data Suggest

Seasonal Changes In Mars' North Polar Ice Cap

Researcher predicts global climate change on Jupiter

Pluto is undergoing Global Warming, researchers find


Solar Phenomena - Increase In Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)

Coronal Mass Ejections Coronal Mass Ejections

Coronal Mass Ejections Coronal Mass Ejections

There is evidence of climate change on planets throughout the solar system, including Earth. There are also reports of this occurring on the Sun itself. I have not personally seen convincing evidence of actual warming on the Sun but there is clear evidence that 'Sun spots' have undergone record levels of activity; In recent years, Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) have exceeded not only the highest known recorded levels but also the ability of the previous recording instruments to even measure this increase, instruments have however since been upgraded to cope with this increase.

NASA - Space Science Gallery - ITEM (1): What Is A CME?

What Is A CME? - Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are violent discharges of electrically charged gas from the Sun's corona. The largest explosions in the solar system, CMEs launch up to 10 billion tons of ionized gas into space at speeds of one to two million miles an hour. CMEs can cause magnetic storms by interacting with the Earth's magnetic field, distorting its shape and accelerating electrically charged particles trapped within. As such, they can affect communication systems, power grids and astronauts in space.

A C-class solar flare possesses energy 1/10 the level of an M- class solar flare and an M-class possesses energy 1/10 that of an X-class solar flare. Since records commenced back in the 1970's (there are observations and photographic data prior to this), the previous record for an 'X class' solar flare was approximately an X-20, this was exceeded November, 2004 by what was estimated at the time to be an X-28 and later revised up to an X45. Also, the Solar pattern of an eleven year cycle of increases in both intensity and activity, followed by an eleven year solar decrease has now seems to have gone out of the window as they continue to escalate past its 2003 expected maximum.

These CMEs are not only detectable on Earth but some of the X class have interfered/ destroyed electrical equipment on various satellites. A CME emanating from the Sun of such large magnitude, from an area which points directly at Earth (as did the Nov, 2004 X28), acts something like a solar 'bullet', such Earth-bound projectiles, could potentially cause a great deal of bother. CME flares have implications not only for Earth but throughout the entire solar system.

I do not at this point either confirm or deny that this is the cause of Global Warming or even that there is any Global Warming. The point is rather that there are indeed GLOBAL climate changes taking place and that any decent study really ought to take into account the Sun which is after all, the primary source of heat and light for this planet.

Current plans to tackle Global Warming, involve reducing us to what would eventually amount to near second/third world poverty levels, coupled with further reductions on our remaining freedoms, all done in a totalitarian fashion where we literally would have to apologise for breathing. They do however fail to address how such scheming might actually solve the galaxy-wide, predominantly natural and largely unavoidable phenomena. Practically the only certainty is a ramping up of 'Total Information Awareness (TIA (= Track & Trace = Control))', increased prices across the board which equates to impoverishment, government take over from our current rights to generally manage, control and/or own our own property - in the name of saving us from ourselves. This is the shape of things to come, a transferal of power from us to them, by them - is war by other means.

Sun Unleashes Record Superflare, Earth Dodges Solar Bullet (estimated X20)

PPT: Some Technical data on the X28 CME - Nov, 2004


Other points of interest that I can only skim through at present include:


An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore

# Al Gore's book 'An Inconvenient Truth' is a matter of controversy by several of the scientists themselves who were cited in the studies. Some outright disagree and others say they were not given the facts at the time of the research. - There is something of an interesting story here if I get the time to write it up. An issue here and elsewhere is that the length of records kept by which the claim of Global Warming is made, in some instances go back less than 200 years which is probably not enough to gauge long term behaviour and trends over thousands or millions of years.

# It should be noted that (to the best of my knowledge) there is no definitive proof of Global Warming (or cooling), the claims rely heavily on probabilities and maybe-'s. This is not always apparent from the enthusiasm with which it is pushed, using huckster phrases such as "Everyone knows ... yadda yadda". In effect, it is treated like a religious 'belief' system (a confidence trick) - complete with rituals and doctrine  [continues....]

By the way, the term 'Religion' is not a throw-away line nor misuse of the term, the current distruction of old religions and creation of the new is underway: There are Religious Engineers at work. This is too huge a subject and off topic for discussions of Climate Change however some pointers here include the Pope 'uniting'/ consolidating/ dismantling old religions in his push for a One World Religion. For new religions, an area to examine is the recent appearance of the 'New Age' Movement (long in the planning). Suggested reading here would include Constance Cumbey - Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism [1983]. Just as it says 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' on the back of your dollar bill, it is indeed a 'New Order of The Ages' or 'New World Order'.

Zeph Daniel Interviews Constance Cumbey
audio http://www.zephnet.com/?select=guests&guest;_id=4

Constance Cumbey Blogspot -- What Constance thinks - http://www.cumbey.blogspot.com/

NB I appreciate a lot of the information presented can take some fathoming and also that some may be dissuaded by the fact the people highlighted in this instance are of a religious conviction. They are included because I feel they are useful in discovering the facts. Being religious people (et al), they are generally well informed on religious matters however feel free to consider other sources. I would also suggest to those involved or interested in New Ageism and who think it is relatively benign, that you might like to research precisely what it represents and who created it, being better informed is to your own benefit. It is a complicated world out there and things are not always as they seem.

[....continued]  A trick employed here appears to be to get a caring populace worked up and afeared or even shamed into demanding action, the government then continues to take no action (but the message continues) until we clamour to have all our freedoms taxed, regulated, restricted and banned. It is a pavlovian response to trick the masses into consent because after all, that is what governments are all about - control of the populace (they are not there for our benefit, they have a parasitic relationship); How much better it is to have the will of the people on their side - to win over their hearts and minds.

If anyone needs more convincing or information on how they play the age old game of 'Empire (Building)'/ 'Statecraft', I suggest brushing up on Plato's Republic or the more sinister 'Machiavelli', links are on my  »» NWO Books «« Web Page. The reality is a far cry from what they ever show us in schools or in the daily papers, these books reveal that much in abundance and are classics in the sense they remain widely read and practiced by the elite.

# With a little patience and dedication, it is worth reviewing what the mongers of doom are basing their fear on, more often than not it is belief and conjecture, possibilities and probabilities, assumptions rather than fact and there is already enough solid evidence around (and holes in their argument) to refute, discredit or call into question their basic tenets.

# It should be noted that climates do change, it is what climates are about. Taking Scotland as an example; presently it is a cold, clammy place where the Sun is rarely witnessed (despite all that, it is still worth a visit). If my memory serves me well and we travel back to approx. 1200AD, it was so hot you could grow grapes for wine. The Industrial Revolution (IR) is less than 300 yrs old and thus the IR no more reached 1200AD Scotland than it does Pluto ( - discounting the odd spaceship of course).

# Is carbon dioxide the driving force behind the Earth's climate? - If so, are there other regulators (such as the oceans or such as a consequent haze that filters out light/heat) at play which would override this?

# Planet Earth is undergoing a polar reversal of the Earth's magnetic field (the Sun has recently undergone such a reversal). The impact this may have on climate should be considered, it will also significantly affect other concerns, not least of which would be electronic equipment. The last polar reversal took place some 780,000 years ago (other sources I checked gave a significantly shorter period), it is uncertain when the next will actually flip but the process is already underway and gaining speed, estimates put the change at anytime within the next 2,000 years.

Will Compasses Point South?

Magnetic Reversals

Struggle Seen As Sun Switches Magnetic Field Polarity

Giant Loops In The Solar Atmosphere May Trigger Sun's Magnetic Poles Reversals

# If we are that concerned about global warming then maybe the easiest thing to cut back on is the manufacture and use of destructive weaponry as in the multiple wars waged against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, potentially Syria and Iran next followed by an entire slew of other attacks on sovereign nations.

See PNAC or Thomas Barnett's 'The Pentagon's New Map' for list of countries or map of planned future wars as declared by official govt sources »» Iran War & Assoc. «« Read the 80+ pages of ThinkTank/ Bush Admin, warmongering plans or alternatively Watch the vid by Thomas Barnett, Pentagon Advisor and Psycho.

The following link both details a little more about this aspect of previous, hotter cycles in its early paragraphs and challenges official opinionating:

Global Warming: A Boon for Humans and Other Animals

Perhaps this is probably incidental information at this point but during the Earth's first billion or so years, carbon dioxide levels were at their highest by a significant number/factor (I don't have the numbers at hand but there are fossilised records extant) - clearly this reduced and stabilised(?) to its current levels.

Also worth noting is the amount of pollution/ carbon dioxide kicked up in a major volcanic eruption (CO2 gets stored in the Earth's crust/mantle and 'recycled'), these have been known to circle the globe for perhaps up to a couple of years or more, severely hampering the passage of light from the Sun to Earth. Such erupted emissions are far more major in comparison to vehicular or bovine emissions.

There are a great many angles from which this problem(?) can be considered, if only to eliminate them; some facts carry more weight than others and not all the evidence is conclusive. As complex an issue as it is already, there is a bigger picture still to all this, this is the NWO agenda and is the focus of the rest of this Web Site.

Although it is important to get an accurate assessment of precisely the claims being made, (by whom) and the evidence they are based upon, last time I checked there was a paucity of such precision data. A distinct lack of solid facts and figures regarding the amount of temperature rise, the time periods for this, the exact problems that may arise as a result of any globular warming and the totality of what is needed to mitigate this effect, assuming it is even a problem or can be mitigated.

King Canute

Neither have I seen a cost/benefit analysis detailing precisely what it is going to cost us to reduce the temperature world-wide by whatever they claim may be necessary (costed in real terms, not just financial but across the range of resources including opportunities, land and not least, all the personal costs to which an individual might be subjected) or whether it would be more efficient to allow nature to do its thing and maybe instead make provisions for the changes such as relocating some seaside property, diversify crops according to climate or manufacture some new, thinner jerseys. Climate change is not something we have never before had to deal with, it has been in motion constantly on this planet for 4.5 Billion years.


The Earth seen from Apollo 17

ADDENDUM: News Update


Globalist Corporations Draft New Laws To Make Huge Profits and Eliminate Competition, All In The Name of Global Warming


Companies in support of the communiqué included Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Novo Nordisk, Sony, Tetra Pak, AIG, Allianz, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, HSBC, Nokia, Nestle, Pacific Gas and Electric. World Wildlife Fund President and CEO Carter S. Roberts, Shell UK, GE International, Dupont Co., United Technologies Corp., Virgin Group, Barclays PLC, Gap, Rolls Royce SA, Unilever, British Airways and Volkswagen AG. & the Rupert Murdoch-owned News Corp (inc. Fox News)., Among those signed up include 27 of the world's largest firms


*** 150 Global Business Leaders Call for Legally Binding UN Framework at Bali COP to Tackle Climate Change ***  (csrwire) [December 5th, 2007]

*** Top Businesses Demand Climate Action ***  (forbes) [November 30th, 2007]


The Situation - as interpreted by myself
Corporations ("over 150 global companies - worth nearly $4 trillion in market capitalization") are attempting (or continuing) to set our political agenda by demanding all governments under the control of the UN adopt specific policies which they the corporations have thoughtfully drafted themselves. This is troubling enough for a host of reasons (Note that the definition of fascism includes the merger of corporations and government). Not only are corporations traditionally motivated by greed and their shareholders rather than altruism but they openly admit this is an opportunity for them to make significant profits.

I'm not drawing any conclusions at this stage but would like to point out that an operation of this size can likely buy or already owns scientists, politicians and a host of market advertising or sponsored commercials disguised as news (and buy the famously corrupt and unaccountable United Nations). It's worth remembering too that the tobacco companies maintained for half a century or so that cigarettes were not a health issue and their scientific evidence for this was of course overwhelming, as far as I can make out, no government or state funded medical service refuted this at any significant level throughout this entire period, despite treating the patients (ignoring recent changes in policy).

They (not clear who) state:

The "greatest effort" will need to be made by those countries that have already industrialized.

This translates as them writing the policies such that any company small enough to have not moved manufacturing or other support facilities to some third world country lately will be the hardest hit and potentially go out of business - small business start-up opportunities would also be greatly reduced. This would go a long way to create the significant growth and profits that the internationalists envisage (through eliminating their competition). The impact of this of course would be not only higher prices due to reduced competition but a large scale loss of jobs in first world countries, cheaper labour under harsher conditions in first world countries (following rules of supply and demand), in effect it would raise third world countries' living standards and lower first world.

In Summary
This is my take on what to me appears likely, absent further investigation. Regardless of the realities of global warming and/ or climate changes, this looks very much like a corporate power grab on a huge scale. If it plays out anything like I've outlined above, globalist warring and corporation change just might present the far bigger threat. Another issue is they are using the UN as an unelected world government to set the laws according to the globalist corporations' wishes & demands - If we don't like it, we don't get to vote anyone out of office.


Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism.


I'll keep this brief - I've been constantly overwhelmed by all the responses to this thread and regrettably I now need to close this particular chapter for personal reasons and move on, as I have pressing matters back home. I leave something I will miss not being able to continue - Another day perhaps.

Many thanks for all the support and please take good care.


The Earth seen from Apollo 17



"We have to go far -- quickly. And that means we have to quickly find a way to change the world's consciousness about exactly what we're facing, and why we have to work to solve it." -- Al Gore

"We need to solve the climate crisis, it's not a political issue, it's a moral issue. We have everything we need to get started, with the possible exception of the will to act, that's a renewable resource, let's renew it." -- Al Gore

"The day I made that statement, I was tired because I had been up all night inventing the Camcorder." -- Al Gore

Wikiquote: Al Gore


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