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Islamophobia & The Coming Wars



Islamophobia & The Coming Wars

Hi folks,
I am sharing a thread of mine as I believe it may be of interest to you. It is a total of four posts which I have condensed into a single segmented post. Each subsequent post was as a result of comments raised following the previous post (typical forum style).

What follows is my analysis of the bigger picture behind 'Government Sponsored Racism' and the role it plays in justifying global wars of aggression that were already decided and planned a long time ago.

There is a minimal of editing to enable it to flow as a piece ...


#1/ Race Hate - Situational Overview
Permit me to add some details and opinion to the current Muslim hate fest in an attempt to throw a little illumination on matters. Apologies as this is a little rushed. I'm happy to elaborate on any points if required but for the sake of brevity have kept it to a minimum.

It became obvious to me that Muslims (and in particular fundamental Muslims) were to become targets of hate and dehumanization by the time I watched a presentation by a Pentagon insider. A certain Prof Thomas Barnett, who drew a line on a global map, encircling just such areas and declaring nothing short of war on them.

Barnett is described as Cheney's "Strategy Guy" and has been responsible for devising future 'global' war tactics and disseminating this ethos among top military brass, the White House admin and even our own dear Parliamentary Office. His reasoning is as follows: America (and UK) are embarking on what we could call globalist wars, this is the corporatisation of the entire planet.

Those familiar with the ways of Islam will be aware that fundie Muslims will not adapt to corporate money-makers such as casinos, usury (e.g. mortgages), keeping up with latest fashion trends or 'the Jones' (materialism). In a world where the economy is king and we must all be producers and consumers, this in deemed unacceptable.

As Muslims cannot be converted from their religious beliefs/habits this leaves but one option - they have to go. If you doubt this scenario I strongly urge you read Barnett's book "The Pentagon's New Map" or watch the brief delivered and viewable online from CSPAN. You will be shocked by the blunt delivery. It will also make you question the mass media propaganda if you haven't already (I suspect if you are here then you already have).

Barnett has come out with more of the same in his recent book "Blueprint for Action", which is also worth checking out.

Okay, now I would like to list a series of events that recently transpired starting with ...

Jack Straw announces on Radio4 how insane it would be to attack Iran and blows the whistle on the govt's own illegal $20 Billion spend on the next version of Trident.

Straw makes a similar remark in the mainstream a couple of weeks later and is demoted, ... going the way of Robin Cook.

Later, Straw (seemingly to get back in favour with the 'powers that be') gets front page attention by raising his(?) concerns over veiled Muslims, thirty years after the event. Rumours abound of promotion for Mr Straw and all is well again - for some.

Now, I don't follow mainstream press all that much but I couldn't help but notice how there was little or no criticism form his own party, from 'competing' parties or from the media itself. The remark seemed very much like 'company' policy. The govt then announced it wasn't govt policy therefore confirming my suspicions (they can't tell the truth about anything - lying is how they communicate).

Since then, it has been full speed ahead at any opportunity. Remember also that this comes hot on the hills of the Danish cartoons and the Pope's attack on Muslims.

I suggest the plan is to divide us from our Muslim neighbours/ brothers/ sisters. I will go further based on other evidence I have seen to suggest likely future events. This is (unless prevented ...) Muslims will become alienated and feel the need for their own representation, this will include putting forth Muslim leaders for election however this will lead to the opposite effect and will alienate us all still further. You may all recall that several Muslims were hired by MI5 a few years back, I have a strong suspicion that these may well be used to infiltrate and even set up such adversarial groups.

Finally, I remind you of the content of Barnett's PNM. I say here we have a clear picture of their objective and can understand their tactics from this. It is customary to alienate a group before declaring war, I thereby suggest the solution is to do the opposite. Their plan is 'divide and conquer', ours should be 'united we stand'.

This includes getting to know our Muslim brothers and sisters - befriending them in fact. I would also extend this to everyone else. We live in an age where we cannot trust our neighbours, let alone talk to them. We have cameras everywhere (except perhaps anywhere on that fateful day in July), we are being turned into a nation of spies and grasses - against our fellow man. I say we learn to live together (as it should be) or face the consequences.

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#2/ A Closer Look at The Driving Force behind the Wars (with Links to documentary evidence)

The Pentagon's New Map: The Gap

Here are some Barnett links. His latest screening on C-SPAN ('Blueprint') may also be online somewhere but I can't as yet locate it (broadcast August, 18th at the National Defense University at Fort McNair iirc).

The Pentagon's New Map The full presentation by Thomas Barnett of the Naval War College: "This details the plan for total world domination by the elite."

Various Video links

Full Presentation: Alternative Links
Download rtsp://video.c-span.org/60days/ap090404.rm
Download rtsp://cspanrm.fplive.net/cspan/project/ter/ter122004_barnett.rm


youtube - Barnett, PNM


Download the actual Maps Here:

Eastern Hemisphere Map [PDF] [869 KB]

Western Hemisphere Map [PDF] [1077 KB]

Image of (Combined) Global Map [JPEG] [1019 KB]

PNM Map - High Res [PDF] [17.25 MB]

PNM Map - Low Res [PDF] [309 KB]

Buy the books (if you must)

The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century

Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating

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#3/ A look at current problems:  a)7/7  b) Corporatisation (Fascism)
Indeed, Muslims have every right to be wary and in many respects I am astounded by their tolerance to-date and the fact that most if not all so called 'Muslim' terrorist acts need to be and are in fact false-flag operations, perpetrated by the elite to create a pretence for retaliation.

Admittedly it is not proving as straightforward as it might be to get word through to the Muslim community. This is something I have tried to give specific focus to since 911 and have found it a slow process. However as we recognise it is a priority, perhaps we could make it a focus, pool our resources, learn from one another what works best what works not so well, then likely we can increase our effectiveness in this area.

(Forum reply) - "there is no serious organised body that is prepared to tackle either issues such as 7/7, nor the unchecked centralisation and privatisation of ownership and control"

I must confess I had not given this enough thought until you raised it and find what you have to say troubling. Perhaps we should look into why this is and what can be done about it.

Regarding 7/7, this has been somewhat taken under the umbrella of 911Truth in this country however although I have seen 7/7 in detail on the Forums, from the few meetings I have been able to attend, 7/7 has been absent from any mention. I regard this as a lost opportunity.

On the plus side, I have found that mentioning 7/7 to folks has woken them up far more than 911. It is closer to home (- on their own doorstep), it is still relatively a current event (- still having a major effect on us all) - Seems we are missing a trick here by not making the most of it.

[NB I have found 'TerrorStorm', 'Mind The Gap' & 'Ludicrous Diversion' all to be excellent tools in this.]

7/7 also has the added bonus in this country of showing our Muslim brethren that we are indeed on their side and that we actively care for and support them, it is a reason for them to get involved, whereas 911 perhaps lacks this impact.

With regards to Privatisation (PPP, PFI), I find people tend to grumble about it and little else, I liken this to a slow (controlled?) release of gas from a fizzy bottle - gradual if unwilling acceptance of the new status quo now that they have had their moan. We have many obstacles to overcome here and elsewhere, eg people are not informed and they have been taught there is nothing they can do (nor any way to get at the facts/truth).

What I have found that works a treat is the following: When discussing PFI etc I make a comment such as - " ... well I prefer to call it (PFI) by it's old fashioned name ... 'Fascism!'"

This is because the marriage of power between government and corporations is called precisely that (some prefer 'corporatism' but both are equally valid). It's amazing what a difference a simple word makes to awaken people (precision engineering) :)

We are engaged in a psychological/spiritual and physical war and need to fight/defend on all fronts. Word play is an important part of this, in particular - unraveling the word play used by our opponents to obscure the reality, (not buying their 'fear' tactics) and unraveling the propaganda.

Regarding Privatisation (Fascism).
I fail to see how we the people have gained a thing from any of this. We paid inflated taxes to build and maintain the stuff yet when it is finally built and then sold off we feel no relief, our tax bills remain the same and in fact new taxes are raised.

A simple perusal of what happens time and time again around the world following privatisation should be enough to deter any government with our interests at heart. - prices rocket, services plummet, taxes are never reduced (and no noticeable benefit from cash bonanza). To add insult to injury, the govt/corps still come back to us, expecting us to repeatedly pick up the tab for anything they can dream up. (reminds me of a tale of two mice, an owl and a slice of bacon - but that's another story).

Yes, none of this is to our benefit. Our mistake is to think 'they' are there only to serve our interests and will look after us. History tells us they never have and never will. Some dictatorships are more benevolent than others but they are all still dictatorships, however they disguise their selves. Surveys always tell us that the least trustworthy (and therefore most despicable) people on the planet are politicians closely followed by the media.

Indeed we are better placed than ever before to learn (and expose) the mass fraud perpetrated upon all of us but only if we care to look, most don't of course. I am reminded by the voices from our past that shout "Be the change you want to see", "Reclaim the media". I firmly believe that we need to start again from scratch, not a revolution but an evolution. Build from the ground up.

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#4/ Fear Based Control (Terrorism/ Scarer-ism)
Yup, disturbing perhaps at first but I am glad to have stumbled across it. For one thing it puts us in a more powerful position according to Sun Tzu ("Know your enemy").

To have such a 'confession' from 'inside', to have it authorised and certified from the very top has saved me endless research trying to verify this was their plan and triple checking my own facts. I have no doubt that propaganda is also being employed by Barnett but of a different sort, his info isn't to dull the masses, it is to galvanise adherents and enforcers of this campaign and therefore must contain a certain accuracy as it becomes their 'rule book’.

I also would not necessarily assume that all is going as well as they portray. I am curious as to why such a piece of work has been put in the public realm, The PNM (book) even became a best seller for a while and the video is for sale to anyone who wants it. To answer this point I have tried to work backwards, i.e. I have asked myself what is the effect of making this public (gut/first reactions can often provide among the best analysis in these cases).

The answer I came up with was as follows:

Create the impression of being big, bold and unstoppable - present an ultimatum to your adversary that they either join the game plan or they are toast ("You are either with us or you are with the tourists").

Secondary impressions include the fact that presenting such a work may actually facilitate them in achieving it, it may clarify just 'what the heck' they are doing and create cohesion amongst the top brass whilst minimising despair from those who previously "didn't get it".

By the way, if there are any students of music/psychology out there - I would be interested what you make from the sound effects employed in Barnett's slide shows, e.g. from a psychological standpoint, what exactly are those sound effects saying/doing?

Now, I put some stock in the works of the great Sun Tzu (book: 'The Art of War' circa 500BC) as his efforts have remained a classic and still used by the military the world over as much as ever before. From my understanding, Tzu says things such as "Never reveal your (true) game plan", "Appear strong whilst weak, appear near whilst far (and vice versa)" etc.

Whilst it 'may' be the case that Barnett has indeed rewritten the 2,500 yr old Tao of warfare, I'm not ready to accept that he has. My suspicions are that he is a cunning little Nazi - deception has always been key in warfare and although I feel he may perhaps present the bulk (?) of their plans, I look also for the twist in the tail, for the big lie(s).

"Knowing your enemy" actually works in our favour in this case (and against them). They have likely compromised their stand by revealing this to us so I am more than curious what pay-off they are expecting in return. One possibility includes the Tzu quote “~ The greatest victory is to win without fighting” so if you can convince your opponents to lay down their arms and flee or even join you, then you have a victory, so if this Barnett revelation convinces any one country/entity to surrender or if it reduces conflict somehow, then perhaps it has paid for itself.

Anyways, whatever is going on I wouldn't let it drive fear into us because fear is one of their main tools, making us afraid of our own shadows. We should turn everything to our advantage. Just think for one thing how easy it has now become to prove our 'conspiratorial theoretics', we can simply point to one item and the opposition does the job for us. This is a tool we can also employ in any attempt to galvanise the anti-war groups (using the opponents' strength against them in a true martial arts stylee).

It can equally be used to demonstrate the complicity of the Mainstream Controlled Media and politicians who feed us such rot as "The war in Iraq will be over in three weeks, it is all about WMD, Iraqis will be throwing us flowers".

PNAC of course is another excellent document that dismisses these propagandistic lies of epic proportion as it sets out the think-tank policy of the current US Admin’ and their intentions for world war when 911 was but a twinkle in their eye.



"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." -- Marie Curie

"The only thing we have to fear is fear it'self - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance" -- FDR - First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." -- Frank Herbert, Dune - Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear

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