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Eaglemountains'  Liberation Web Site

Introduction to Liberation Web Site

This is the start of a possible series which shall incorporate the following elements: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Politics. The reasons being that all these (and others) are crucial to liberation. Firstly, they provide a method for introspection and an understanding of self. Secondly, an awareness of individuals and society. The closer we arrive to a true appreciation of all there is, the better placed we become to effect positive change. Don't assume these are boring subjects, on the contrary, this is likely to be a controversial and thought provoking journey.

Liberation from what exactly?

We need liberation as a fundamental requirement to live our lives to the full, freedom from any oppression and all indoctrination.
We need the independence to think free thoughts and liberty to challenge accepted wisdoms.
This liberty is the essence of life itself.

Various topics will be discussed, hopefully introducing new ideas and understandings of things commonly overlooked.


Possible Future Topics

Topics to be covered in the future may include Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Religious Indoctrination, Mental Illness, Liberation and Utopian Societies. Please let me know which topic you wish covered next, or suggest one. Your feedback is crucial to the future development of this site.

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