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News/ Current Affairs


Downing Street Leaked Memo(s) 

1a/ *** RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war  (London Times) [May 29th, 2005] ***

THE RAF and US aircraft doubled the rate at which they were dropping bombs on Iraq in 2002 in an attempt to provoke Saddam Hussein into giving the allies an excuse for war, new evidence has shown.

1b/ *** The Secret Downing Street Memo (July 23rd, 2002),  [May 1st, 2005] ***

... Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.

1c/ *** http://www.impeachblair.org/ *** - A first report on the potential impeachment of the Prime Minister for High Crimes and Misdemeanours in relation to the invasion of Iraq

A group of MPs declared their intention to bring a motion of impeachment against the Prime Minister for High Crimes and Misdemeanours in relation to the invasion of Iraq. The charges are based on evidence presented in a report commissioned by Adam Price MP entitled A Case to Answer

1d/ *** AfterDowningStreet.org: For a Resolution of Inquiry ***
- David Swanson

AfterDowningStreet.org is a coalition of veterans' groups, peace groups, and political activist groups, which launched on May 26th, 2005, a campaign to urge the U.S. Congress to begin a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war.

Complete Set of Downing Street Documents

and if that ain't enough, here is a new set of revelations/ memos

The White House Memo - January 31st, 2003

1e/ *** http://www.channel4.com/... ***
The White House memo - Revealed: Special-Report

Channel 4 has a select range of links to articles on this page that chronologue the time line events - nicely done channel4. You usually have to go to the Truth Media (that's us) for this level of perspective and retrospective.

1f/ *** http://www.channel4.com/... ***
The White House memo - Revealed: Bush and Blair discussed using American Spyplane in UN colours to lure Saddam

Channel 4 News tonight reveals extraordinary details of George Bush and Tony Blair's pre-war meeting in January 2003 at which they discussed plans to begin military action on March 10th 2003, irrespective of whether the United Nations had passed a new resolution authorising the use of force.

Prime Minister Blair responded that he was: "solidly with the President and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam."

The two leaders discussed the possibility of securing further UN support, but President Bush made it clear that he had already decided to go to war. The details are contained in a new version of the book 'Lawless World' written by a leading British human rights lawyer, Philippe Sands QC.

1g/ *** www.afterdowningstreet.org ***
The White House Memo:

A Top Web Site for those engaging in extensive/ exhaustive research

After Downing Street is a coalition working to expose the lies that launched the war and to hold accountable its architects, including through censure and impeachment.

- A Sampling of Extensive International and Alternative Coverage:

Channel 4 News Memo Extracts, Article, Video Report and Commentary; Guardian Article; Guardian Commentary; Guardian Timeline; BBC Article; AfterDowningStreet Commentary; David Corn's Commentary; The Australian Article; Telegraph Article; Mail and Guardian Article; Financial Times Article; Independent Article; Times of London Article; Another BBC Article; Scotsman Article; People's Daily Article (China); Journal of Turkish Weekly Article (Turkey); Mirror Article; Mirror Article 2; Herald Article

- Complete US Corporate Media Coverage:

Associated Press Article; Associated Press Article 2; USA Today Marginalizes Story on a Blog, What about some coverage in the paper?; Christian Science Monitor Article; Olbermann on MSNBC

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George Galloway

3a/ *** Full Video: Galloway v The US Senate  (prisonplanet) [May 18th, 2005] ***
George Galloway turns the tables and exposes the Senate's corruption, see the complete video online

British MP George Galloway has told US senators who accused him of profiting from Iraq oil dealings their claims were the "mother of all smokescreens".

3b/ *** Galloway v the US Senate: transcript of statement  (London Times) [May 18th, 2005] ***
Senate Sub-Committee still making pathetic excuses for not displaying the transcript of their severe beating by Galloway ... so read the full transcript here.

"Now I know that standards have slipped in the last few years in Washington, but for a lawyer you are remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice"

3c/ *** Oil For Influence: How Saddam Used Oil to Reward Politicians Under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program  (senate.gov) [May 17th, 2005] ***
Senate Committee Web Site displaying Transcripts, Videos, Testimonies etc from everyone else.

3d/ *** UK's Galloway blisters US policy on Iraq on MSNBC  (crooksandliars) [May 17th, 2005] ***
Download 'George Galloway, MP versus the Senate' here, Audio & Video formats

"The United States was not only aware of Iraqi oil sales which violated UN sanctions and provided the bulk of the illicit money Saddam Hussein obtained from circumventing UN sanctions," the report said. "On occasion, the United States actually facilitated the illicit oil sales."

3e/ *** Galloway Wary Of Staged Terror Attack As Pretext For Iran Invasion  (prisonplanet) [June 1st, 2005] ***

George Galloway made worldwide headlines on May 17th when he appeared in front of a Senate committee on investigations, after its members accused him of profiteering from Saddam Hussein's regime by receiving vouchers for oil, despite the fact that such allegations against Galloway had already been proven to be based on forged documents.

George Galloway, MP  Interviewed on the Alex Jones Show - May 31st, 2005

3f/ *** George Galloway's Interview on the Alex Jones Show, May 31st, 2005  (kemet) [mp3 - 3MB / 26mins] ***
George Galloway's frank and revealing discussion on the Alex Jones Show, - May 31st, 2005 - audio clip/ excerpt

"We should all stay in touch, we should make a big network on both sides of the Atlantic because your country and my country are the biggest problems in the world today, we are the biggest rogue states in the world today and the citizens have got to take back control of the plane."


3g/ *** George Galloway MP: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics  (infowarsnews) [Sept 13th, 2005] ***

Mr Galloway discussed the rising tide of anti-Iraq war protest, the snarling Neo-Cons' plan for world war and the possibility of staged government terror attacks to justify the invasion of more countries.

Prisonplanet.tv subscribers - Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety

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(U.S.A.) Income Tax is a LIE, a SCAM, a FRAUD (and a HOAX) - Payment NOT Required!

5a/ *** LAW OF THE LAND - Tax activist (Joseph Banister) wins in federal court: Ex-IRS agent says Congress has no power to collect levy on income  (wnd) [June 23rd, 2005] ***

... the 16th Amendment, which gives Congress "power to lay and collect taxes on incomes," was never properly ratified

5b/ *** Freedom Above Fortune  (freedomabovefortune) ***
Mr. Banister's Personal Web Site - 'Freedom Above Fortune'. Complete with actual documents from his successful fight against the IRS

See also ...

http://penaltyprotester.org/  Penalty Protestor - Join the Action!

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(U.S.A.) 'Eminent Domain' Used to Seize Homes to Enrich Private Interests

6a/ *** Eminent Domain: Being Abused?  (cbsnews) [July 4th, 2005] ***
New 'Interpretation' of "Eminent Domain" - Local authorities can now seize property for 'PRIVATE' Development if the new owner can generate greater income from it (no home is safe!). This will typically translate as stealing private property (for way below value compensation) to give to corporations.

Cities across the country have been using eminent domain to force people off their land, so private developers can build more expensive homes and offices that will pay more in property taxes than the buildings they're replacing.

6b/ *** Scandal In Freeport  (scandalinfreeport) ***
Casebook Example: Victim of the new Eminent Domain Law - Man has his home and business stolen and given to rich neighbour for development

Walker Gets Your Property, You Get The Bill, You Get The Boot

6c/ *** "Lost Liberty Hotel"  (freenation.tv) ***

Lost Liberty Hotel" proposed on Justice Souter's land

Logan will visit Weare, New Hampshire from August 20th to the 23rd. He will talk to local supporters who are planning to use ballot initiatives to seize the land at 34 Cilley Hill Road and clear away other local laws that may hinder the project. It appears that an initiative can be placed on the March 2006 Weare N.H. ballot with only 25 signatures and can win with between 1,020 and 2,777 votes. Whoever said this project "will never happen" might find themself sitting in the Just Deserts Cafe eating crow pie next to David Souter.

6d/ *** House Vote Counters Eminent Domain Measure - Bill H.R. 4128  (CBS News) [Nov 3rd, 2005] ***

Contending that the Supreme Court has undermined a pillar of American society, the sanctity of the home, the House overwhelmingly approved a bill Thursday to block the court-approved seizure of private property for use by developers.

The bill, passed 376-38, would withhold federal money from state and local governments that use powers of eminent domain to force businesses and homeowners to give up their property for commercial uses.

6e/ *** BB&T; Respects Property Rights, Wonít Fund Eminent Domain Abuse  (billybobjoe.newsvine.com) [January 25th, 2006] ***

Arlington, Va. - BB&T;, the nationís ninth largest financial holdings company with $109.2 billion in assets, announced today that it "will not lend to commercial developers that plan to build condominiums, shopping malls and other private projects on land taken from private citizens by government entities using eminent domain."

In a press release issued today by the bank, BB&T; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Allison, said, "The idea that a citizenís property can be taken by the government solely for private use is extremely misguided, in fact itís just plain wrong. One of the most basic rights of every citizen is to keep what they own."

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Moscow and Beijing Sign Declaration on New World Order (e.t.c.)

7a/ *** Moscow, Beijing to sign declaration on world order  (en.rian.ru) [June 29th, 2005] ***

"This is a crucial document that reflects the convergence of Russia and China's fundamental positions on key issues in modern world order - our common view for the outlook of the development of humankind," Alexander Yakovenko wrote

7b/ *** President Hu in Moscow for official visit   (en.ce.cn) [July 1st, 2005] ***

President Hu Jintao arrived in Moscow yesterday on an official visit, and is expected to join his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in stating commitment to a new, just and rational world order. The two leaders, who begin talks today, will also back a bigger role for the United Nations in world politics ...

[URL Moved]  7c/ *** Russia, China Set Tone for 21st Century World Order  (mosnews.com) [July 1st, 2005] ***

Chinese President Hu Jintao Friday called for greater efforts to strengthen the strategic partnership and economic and trade ties between China and Russia.

7d/ *** Russia and China team up against US global ambitions  (freerepublic) [July 2nd, 2005] ***

The declaration was against "domination in international affairs" and that "Any actions aimed at splitting sovereign states and kindling ethnic discord are inadmissible" The United States was not actually named in the declaration ...

7e/ *** China, Russia issue joint statement on new world order  (xinhuanet) [July 1st, 2005] ***

China and Russia here Friday issued a joint statement on a new world order in the 21st century, setting forth their common stand on major international issues, such as UN reforms, globalization, North-South cooperation, and world economy and trade.

7f/ *** 'Full text' of China-Russia Joint Statement on 21st century world order  (monstersandcritics) [July 2nd, 2005] ***

Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Putin signed the Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation Regarding the International Order of the 21st Century in Moscow on 1 July. The full text of the joint statement follows:

7g/ *** China: the gathering threat/ The menacing giant  (washingtontimes) [July10th, 2005] ***

In a sobering confirmation of the thesis of "China: The Gathering Threat," a new book by Constantine Menges, the Pentagon will soon tell us that China's military budget continues to skyrocket. It now has the third, some say second, largest military budget in the world and that it is ratcheting up its efforts to buy, build, and deploy new, hi-tech weapons systems. As Donald Rumsfeld put it at a recent Asian security conference, "Since no nation threatens China, why this growing investment? Why these continuing large weapons purchases?"

7h/ *** China: the gathering threat  (townhall) [June 6th, 2005] ***

Americaís understandable preoccupation with terrorism and Iraq may have obscured the gathering threat of China as a formidable adversary. At an Asian security conference in Singapore, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld last Friday delivered what some have called an unusually blunt critique of China. Rumsfeld noted that Beijingís military spending threatens Asiaís delicate security balance.

"... China has threatened to destroy entire American cities if the U.S. helps Taiwan defend itself against a military assault or invasion ..."

7i/ *** Russia threatens force if U.S. militarizes space - China also denounces Bush plan for review of defense initiatives  (worldnetdaily) [May 20th, 2005] ***

A senior Russian embassy official is threatening to use force if necessary to prevent the U.S. from deploying combat weapons in space.

7j/ *** Russia, China work together to form of new world order in 21st century  (english.people.com.cn) [Aug 16th, 2005] ***

Russia and China are working together to help form of a new world order in the 21st century that will be based on multipolarity, respect for international law and a leading role for the UN, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Alexeyev said on Monday.

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America building Bases in Israel and Iraq

8a/ *** Exclusive Photos Of Huge New US Base In Israel  (rense) [July 6th, 2005] ***

US building HUGE Base in Israel - (To be later handed over to the UN at the appropriate time)

This huge multi-billion dollar Base is reportedly half the size of Tel Aviv. Currently being built, this Base will include Multi Lane Highway, Buildings and Fixtures carved from the rock, Multiple Underground Tunnels/ Complex and Major Electronics along with phenomenal Storage Areas (sizeable warehouse after warehouse). Missile Launch Bunker(s). There is limited or no facilities for troops to live in here so all buildings serve another purpose. If you can, listen to the Jeff Rense broadcast from Tue July 6th (available from usenet etc).

8b/ *** 14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq: Long-term military presence planned  (globalsecurity) [March 23rd, 2004] ***

From the ashes of abandoned Iraqi army bases, U.S. military engineers are overseeing the building of an enhanced system of American bases designed to last for years.

8c/ *** US military to build four giant new bases in Iraq  (guardian.co.uk) [May 23rd, 2005] ***

US military commanders are planning to pull back their troops from Iraq's towns and cities and redeploy them in four giant bases in a strategy they say is a prelude to eventual withdrawal.

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Police chief - Lockerbie evidence was faked (and potted history)

10a/ *** Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked  (scotsman) [Aug 28th, 2005] ***

The retired officer - of assistant chief constable rank or higher - has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.

10b/ *** Gaddafi: I'll clear Lockerbie bomber  (indymedia) [February 1st, 2001] ***

Muammar Gaddafi, has told the BBC he plans to reveal evidence which proves the innocence of his country's intelligence officer convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.

Britain and the US are resisting Libyan demands for the lifting of sanctions, imposed in the wake of the Pan Am flight 103 disaster, in which 270 people were killed ... There must also be compensation for the relatives of those who died ... the Libyan leader said he planned to reveal on Monday evidence that would prove Megrahi was innocent.

10c/ *** Gaddafi to give Lockerbie 'evidence'  (BBC) [February 5th, 2001] ***

... a Scottish legal expert said the verdict was obtained on "very, very weak" evidence.

Robert Black, the Scottish law professor who devised the format of the Netherlands-based trial, was quoted on Sunday as saying he was "absolutely astounded" that Al Megrahi had been found guilty. Mr Black said he believed the prosecution had "a very, very weak circumstantial case" and he was reluctant to believe that Scottish judges would "convict anyone, even a Libyan" on such evidence. ... On Behalf of the relatives of the Lockerbie victims, Washington wants Libya to pay $740m (£500m) in compensation, or about $3m (£2m) for each victim.

10d/ *** Gaddafi: Libya is innocent  (BBC) [February 5th, 2001] ***

Gaddafi: Scathing attack on US policy Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has condemned the verdict in the Lockerbie bombing trial as an "injustice", and insisted "Libya was innocent of Lockerbie".

In a speech that lasted nearly three hours, the Libyan leader said the United States and Britain had blamed his country for political reasons and that the investigation before the trial had not been neutral. ... Colonel Gaddafi's promises to provide new evidence which would clear Al Megrahi of the bombing did not materialise. ... He made only one specific, new charge against the British police who investigated the bombing. ... He said that the investigators had planted clothes in the wreckage of the plane that were later crucial in linking Al Megrahi to the crime.

10e/ *** Libya, Lockerbie families sign compensation deal  (BBC) [August 30th, 2003] ***
Libya and families of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing victims agreed on Wednesday to set up a $2.7 billion compensation account in a key step toward closing the book on the mid-air airliner explosion that killed 270

U.S. sanctions will stay in place for now despite U.S. oil companies' eagerness to do business with Tripoli again, U.S. officials said. Some U.S. sanctions predate Lockerbie and reflect Washington's long-standing anger at what it views as Libyan support for acts like the 1986 bombing of a Berlin disco that triggered U.S. air-strikes on Libya. ... "I expect that by the middle of next week U.N. sanctions will have been finally removed on Libya," Djebbar [British-based Algerian lawyer] said.

Some relatives of the 259 people who were killed aboard the Boeing jumbo jet and the 11 people who died on the ground reacted bitterly at what they described as the first step toward Libya being welcomed back into the world community.

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UK perpetuating war in Iraq with fake, staged terror attacks

Manufactured "Insurgency" in Iraq, Courtesy of SAS, Aired on BBC once  [5m:44s]

Download GoogleVideo - Manufactured "Insurgency" in Iraq

The occupation forces are the real perpetrators of bomb attacks in Iraq?  (aljazeera) [Sep 14th, 2005]

Iran's top military commander accused the United States and Israel of planning the non-stop bomb attacks that killed thousands of civilians in Iraq.

2005_iq_occupation_bombers.pdf   [147 KB]

British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror In Iraq?  (infowarsnews) [Sep 20th, 2005]
Media blackout shadows why black op soldiers were arrested

"British SAS were caught attempting to stage a terror attack and the media have dutifully shut up about the real questions surrounding the incident.

What is admitted is that two British soldiers in Arab garb and head dress drove a car towards a group of Iraq police and began firing. According to the Basra governor Mohammed al-Waili, one policeman was shot dead and another was injured."

British soldiers free prisoners  (usatoday) [Sep 19th, 2005]

In a dramatic show of force, British soldiers used tanks to break down the walls of the central jail in the southern city of Basra and freed two Britons.

British tanks in 'smash and grab raid'  (scotsman) [Sep 20th, 2005]

At least four people have been killed in a day marred by rioting and violence.

"This is bound to be seen as a humiliation by many Iraqis - something the insurgents will use to their advantage. An operation of this kind must have gone to the highest level. I would be surprised if the Prime Minister had not been consulted."

British "Undercover Soldiers" Caught driving Booby Trapped Car
"They refused to say what their mission was."  (globalresearch) [Sep 20th, 2005]

At least four people have been killed in a day marred by rioting and violence.

Why were undercover British "soldiers" wearing traditional Arab headscarves firing at Iraqi police?

A report of Al Jazeera TV, which preceeded the raid on the prison, suggests that the British undercover soldiers were driving a booby trapped car loaded with ammunition.

Police station raid was diversion as SAS squad rescued comrades  (timesonline) [Sep 21st, 2005]

AN SAS team used the noise of armoured vehicles bulldozing their way through a nearby police compound to mask the raid that freed their comrades.

The rescuers, from the same squad as the captives, blew out the doors and windows of the smart suburban villa with plastic explosive and hurled stun grenades at the militiamen guarding the two undercover soldiers.

Military police chief found dead (Iraq Investigator)  (bbc) [Oct 16th, 2005]

Captain Ken Masters was discovered in his accommodation in Waterloo Lines (Basra) in southern Iraq on Saturday (Oct 15th, 2005). The MoD said an inquiry was under way but the circumstances were not regarded as suspicious.

He had been responsible for the investigation of all in-theatre serious incidents... they would have been doing some of the investigations into cases against British forces on behalf of Iraqi civilians.

Senior military investigator found dead in Iraq  (independent.co.uk) [Oct 18th, 2005]

Friends and colleagues of Captain Masters, who was married with two children, said that his death had come as a "total surprise".

Defence sources said the death was "not due to hostile action and also not due to natural causes". ... However, it is believed that investigators have not found a suicide note, nor firearms related to the incident.

Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks  (Boston Globe) [Oct 2nd, 2005]

The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering some vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior US Government officials.

... a few weeks later and now it appears it's the Americans' turn to get caught

Iraqis apprehend two Americans disguised as Arabs trying to detonate a car bomb in a residential neighborhood of western Baghdadís al-Ghazaliyah district on Tuesday.  (iraqwar.mirror-world.ru) [Oct 12th, 2005]

A number of Iraqis apprehended two Americans disguised in Arab dress as they tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the middle of a residential area in western Baghdad on Tuesday (Oct 11th, 2005).

... Five minutes after the arrival of the Iraqi puppet police on the scene a large force of US troops showed up and surrounded the area. They put the two Americans in one of their Humvees and drove away at high speed to the astonishment of the residents of the area.

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UK: 'FANTASY', Fake Plane Terror Plot Exposed - No Bombs, Tickets or Passports ... !

The UK Terror plot: what's really going on?  (craigmurray) [Aug 14th, 2006]

None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not even have passports, which given the efficiency of the UK Passport Agency would mean they couldn't be a plane bomber for quite some time.

In the absence of bombs and airline tickets, and in many cases passports, it could be pretty difficult to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt that individuals intended to go through with suicide bombings, whatever rash stuff they may have bragged in internet chat rooms.

Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible?  (theregister) [Aug 17th, 2006]

Making a quantity of TATP sufficient to bring down an airplane is not quite as simple as ducking into the toilet and mixing two harmless liquids together.

[Following considerable, lengthy and dangerous chemical mixing ...] ... - assuming, by some miracle, that the fumes haven't overcome you or alerted passengers or the flight crew to your activities - you'll have a quantity of TATP with which to carry out your mission. Now all you need to do is dry it for an hour or two.

... it's unlikely to do more than blow out a few windows. At best, an infidel or two might be killed by the blast, and one or two others by flying debris as the cabin suddenly depressurizes, but that's about all you're likely to manage under the most favorable conditions possible.

See also:
Liquid Bombers Prove: "They Hate Our Freedoms!"  (conspiracypenpal) [Aug 19th, 2006]
Muslims were planning to blow up a bunch of jetliners enroute from London to America - or so say George Bush and Tony Blair.

No passports, No tickets, No bombs - BIG News  (wakeupfromyourslumber) [Aug 17th, 2006]

Watch the VIDEO! - TV News admit lack of evidence a/a. They also admit that England wanted to wait a week before arresting them. If as claimed elsewhere in the media, the intention was to stage an actual bombing the day after the drill - this means that there would have been no arrests until after the bombings had started! This matter does however need some clarification as to who knew what and when, particularly as there was zero likelihood of any bombing taking place as proscribed.

See also:
"'mass murder' air terror bid foiled (lol)"  (breakfornews) [Aug 10th~, 2006]

NB - Not a source I would normally recommend but in this case it is interesting for the views presented by some of its readers and how they tend to agree this whole situation is another government fraud/lie.

It seems we the people are at last waking up en masse following Blair, Bush & our collective govenments' appalling track record when it comes to truth telling. They lied to us about the sarin plot (no sarin & no plot), they lied to us about Forest Row (including shooting an innocent man at his home), they lied to us about De Menezes (whilst shooting dead an innocent man). They lied us into a never ending war. They claimed they would find WMD in Iraq as justification. These are but a select few of a great many lies, why should we believe them on this one? Where is the proof?

Prescott lets slip that some suspects won't face serious charges  (telegraph) [Aug 16th, 2006]

The Deputy Prime Minister made the admission during talks with Labour's Muslim MPs on how best to tackle Islamic extremism. During the 90-minute meeting, Mr Prescott briefed the MPs that the police only had enough evidence to bring serious charges against some suspects but not others.

His comments are likely to infuriate officers involved in the huge investigation into the alleged plans to detonate bombs on flights. They came as the police made a further arrest in the Thames Valley area under the Terrorism Act 2000. Concern had already been voiced about Government interference after the Treasury last week published the names of 19 suspects whose assets had been frozen after the arrests.

Crying Wolf: Terror Alerts based on Fabricated Intelligence  (globalresearch) [Aug 20th, 2006]

The British Home Office announced (August 10) that a "foiled terror plot" to simultaneously blow up as many as ten airplanes on transatlantic flights had been uncovered. So far Scotland Yard has not presented documentary evidence of this carefully coordinated suicide bombing operation.

Moreover, much of the confidential information which led to the arrests of the British suspects by Scotland Yard was made available, courtesy of Pakistani Military intelligence (ISI), which coincidentally is known to have supported and financed the terror network including the Pakistani based Islamic groups which are allegedly behind the foiled UK plot.

Analysis of Airline Terror Plot  (July 7th People's Independent Inquiry Forum) [Aug 10th~, 2006]

Some Key Facts with links to News Articles

The Timing is Political (by Craig Murray - former Ambassador)  (guardian UK) [Aug 18th, 2006]
We should be sceptical about this alleged plot, and wary of politicians who seek to benefit

Except for a few noteworthy comment pieces, such as Craig Murray's critical speculations published by the Guardian last Friday, the mainstream media has largely subserviently parroted the official claims of the British and American governments. This is a shame, because inspection of the facts raises serious problems for the 10/8 official narrative.

Nine days on, nobody has been charged with any crime. For there to be no clear evidence yet on something that was "imminent" and would bring "mass murder on an unbelievable scale" is, to say the least, peculiar.

Media analysis has been full of information from police and security sources. By and large journalists are honourable in this kind of reporting. Their sources, unfortunately, are not - viz the non-existent ricin, the Forest Gate "chemical weapons vest", or Jean Charles de Menezes leaping the barriers. Unlike the herd of security experts, I have had the highest security clearance; I have done a huge amount of professional intelligence analysis; and I have been inside the spin machine. And I am very sceptical about the story that has been spun.

The Truth about the "Terror Plot".... and the new "pseudo-terrorism"  (nafeez.blogspot) [Aug 21st, 2006]

Except for a few noteworthy comment pieces, such as Craig Murray's critical speculations published by the Guardian last Friday, the mainstream media has largely subserviently parroted the official claims of the British and American governments. This is a shame, because inspection of the facts raises serious problems for the 10/8 official narrative.

CENSORED: The NY Times "Terror Plot" Expose They Don't Want You to Read  (nafeez.blogspot) [Sep 1st, 2006]

On 28th August 2006, the New York Times printed an investigative story on that month's 10/8 "terror plot", undermining the claims of US and British government officials, and suggesting that details had been exaggerated beyond all proportion for political reasons... But interested British readers quickly discovered that they had been denied access to the article.

Read the full article here with commentary.

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Blair & Other Globalists Call for a NWO

 Blair's Vision of a New World Order

Tony Blair

Blair is right to revive the idea of a 'new world order'  (guardian UK) [October 5th, 2001]

Ten years after the first President Bush promised a "new world order" that pledge has been renewed. His son may have no more than hinted in that direction, but his closest ally, Tony Blair, swore passionate allegiance to the concept this week. And, whatever the doubts the Bush administration may harbour about whether it is wise to make or possible to keep such promises, the logic that almost always expands war aims to give them a larger moral dimension is pushing the Americans along the same road.


Tony Blair

The danger of liberal imperialism  (guardian UK) [October 4th, 2001]
Blair's vision of a new world order is a moral absurdity based on colonial delusion

Tony Blair's conference speech is easily the most hubristic delivered by any British prime minister elected in the 20th century. There are no equivocations in this vision of humanity transfigured. It is as rooted in fundamentalism as the Taliban. We have been warned: "Let there be no moral ambiguity."

Tony Blair has a strikingly weak sense of sin as a force in human affairs. This is the speech of an insane optimism of the will allied to an unnerving simplicity of the intellect: "Let us reorder the world around us." But reordering here means imposing.


Tony Blair

Blair's push for new world order  (bbc UK) [October 12th, 2001]

The prime minister's trip to the Middle East was the first time we saw in practice the theme of his party conference speech about establishing a new world order.


Tony Blair

Blair promotes 'new world order'  (abc) [November 18th, 2001]

For British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the war on terrorism has provided a global platform to promote the 'new world order' first spoken of by George Bush's father. Now the Prime Minister talks of a better, reformed United Nations.

It was earlier in the week, before the collapse of the Taliban, that the irrepressible Tony Blair addressed his city of London audience about the sweeping international reform agenda that he thinks must be seized whilst, to use his words, 'the kaleidoscope is still in flux.'

TONY BLAIR: "The terrible event of the eleventh of September have, I believe, made the case for engagement, not isolationism, as the only serious foreign policy on offer. And if we are going to have a doctrine of international community, we need to strengthen the United Nations as the body that helps put it into practice. This is, I accept, a big agenda, but then I believe the events of the past few weeks call for such an agenda."


Tony Blair

Blair returns to new world order  (bbc UK) [January 4th, 2002]

Mr Blair is using his two-night stop-over in Bangalore to focus on a theme he has highlighted before - that of a world in which the interests of individual nation states are increasingly globalised - economically, socially and, as 11 September showed, through acts of terrorism.

In his speech to the Confederation of Indian Industry on Saturday he will seek to develop the theme of "global interdependency"

In Bangalore he delivers the third speech in the series, setting out his principles of international engagement and his vision of the UK's role as a force for good in the new, globalised world order.


Tony Blair

Blair's new world order blocked  (telegraph UK) [July 15th, 2003]

Tony Blair's plans for a new world order in which advanced nations would take armed action to remove brutal or failed regimes were blocked yesterday by fellow centre-Left leaders.

Mr Blair had argued that world leaders could not "walk by on the other side" if people were being brutally downtrodden.

At a conference attended by 14 Social Democrat heads of state or government at Bagshot, Surrey, several leaders refused to sign up to a far-reaching statement paving the way for military action to protect the world from repressive governments.


Tony Blair

Blair's vision of a new world order is critically tainted  (guardian UK) [March 8th, 2004]

The legacy of Iraq is that intervention will be seen as vigilantism.

It is a measure of the government's concern about its inability to shake off the controversy over Iraq that the prime minister felt it necessary to alter his schedule to deliver a lengthy philosophical defence of his actions in Sedgefield last Friday. He wants us to move on from the fine detail of disputed intelligence claims and the nitpicking over the attorney general's legal advice and start focusing on the bigger picture: the threat of a terrorist inspired "Armageddon" and policies needed to pre-empt it.

If Tony Blair's purpose was to set out a credible and internally consistent justification for his decision to go to war against Iraq and establish it as a model for the reordering of international relations, his speech failed on both counts. Instead, it exemplified the intellectual and moral confusion of a man who acted on gut instinct and now finds himself rebuked by the facts.

Pope calls for a New World Order  [Pope John Paul II]

Pope calls for a New World Order  (guardian) [Jan 2th, 2004]

Pope John Paul II launched one of the most important diplomatic initiatives of his long papacy yesterday when he called for a new international order to replace the one that emerged from the second world war.

"More than ever, we need a new international order that draws on the experience and results achieved in these years by the United Nations," he declared during a service to mark the Roman Catholic Church's World Day of Peace, celebrated on January 1.

In his homily, the Pope said the new world order he wanted "would be able to provide solutions to the problems of today ... based on the dignity of human beings, an integrated development of society, solidarity between rich and poor nations, and on the sharing of resources and the extraordinary results of scientific and technological progress."

Pope calls for a New World Order  [Pope Benedict]

Unite against terror, Pope says in Christmas speech  (remnantofgod) [Dec 25th, 2005]
Pope issues call to battle terror, poverty  (washtimes) [Dec 25th, 2005]

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict, in his first Christmas address, on Sunday urged humanity to unite against terrorism, poverty and environmental blight and called for a "new world order" to correct economic imbalances.

... "Do not fear; put your trust in him! The life-giving power of his light is an incentive for building a new world order based on just ethical and economic relationships," he said, speaking in Italian.

... After the address, Benedict wished the world a Happy Christmas in 33 languages ... (His predecessor sometimes used twice as many languages on Christmas)

One World Religion

Ushering in the One-World Religion  (propagandamatrix.com CACHED) [October 23rd, 2002]

Robert Maginnis, a former director of the Family Research Council, said of the summit, "Well, I can see the possibility that it's the globalization of world religion."

Maginnis says it appears the hidden agenda is to unite people under one religious umbrella so they will peacefully accept the UN's radical political goals. "I would submit that the United Nations is very anti-life, they are anti-faith, anti-family, they're anti-national sovereignty, but they are pro one-world government," he said.

Christian scholars say the Bible warns of a time when all the world will unite under a false global religious and political system. Maginnis says, it appears the UN could be taking the first steps in that direction.

Other Globalists who have sold their soul to the NWO

Neoconservatives push for a new world order  (propagandamatrix.com) [March 28th, 2004]

(Including some more on Blair)

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Dumbing down by Orwellian Proportions

Half of all recruits to Army read at level of 11-year-olds  (telegraph.co.uk) [March 28th, 2004]

A confidential study into the educational standards of soldiers has revealed that half of all new infantry recruits only have the reading and writing skills of 11-year-olds.

The study commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, which the Telegraph has seen, also discloses that a fifth of recruits have the literacy and numeracy levels of seven-year-olds. Four per cent are at the standard of the average five-year-old.

Completely Outrageous UK 'Dictatorship' Bill

Putting the 'Dicatatorship' into 'Fascist Dicatorship'!

First they legislated for Public Private Partnership (PPP). PPP is the marriage of Government and (Big) Business. The classical definition for this is of course 'FASCISM' (go look it up). Now that everyone merrily slept through that one, they now bring us 'DICTATORSHIP'.

I have to raise the question yet again "What has your favourite Charity/ Organisation been doing (all these years) about this or have they been too busy slapping fake parking tickets on 4x4s? slapping themselves on the back and partying, to even notice?"

Political Commentary - BLOG

Spy Blog  (www.spy.org.uk - spyblog) [February 9th, 2006]

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill - arbitrary powers for Ministers by Order, no exempt Acts, no full public consultation no detailed scrutiny by Parliament

Save Parliament! Stop the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

What's The Problem?  (www.saveparliament.org.uk)

The boringly-named Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is in fact a very dangerous piece of legislation. It grants any minister the ability to amend, replace, or repeal existing legislation. The frightening thing is this: they would be able to make major changes to the law without Parliament being able to examine it properly, taking away the ability of Parliament to meaningfully represent the citizens of this country.

Who wants the Abolition of Parliament Bill?

Hardly anyone has noticed, but British democracy is sleepwalking into a sinister world of ministerial power  (timesonline) [February 21st, 2006]

LAST WEEK all eyes were on the House of Commons as it debated identity cards, smoking and terrorism. The media reported both what MPs said and how they voted. For one week at least, the Commons mattered.

All the more peculiar then that the previous Thursday, in an almost deserted chamber, the Government proposed an extraordinary Bill that will drastically reduce parliamentary discussion of future laws, a Bill some constitutional experts are already calling "the Abolition of Parliament Bill".

Reform bill could 'sweep away parliamentary debate'  (guardian UK) [February 22nd, 2006]

The Conservatives and senior legal experts today joined forces to attack a new government bill they fear will give ministers sweeping powers to amend or even introduce new laws without sufficient scrutiny from MPs.

The seemingly arcane legislative and regulatory reform bill - which is currently going through parliament - was billed by the government as aiding business by cutting red tape from existing legislation.

But the Tory MP Ken Clarke, currently leading the party's "democracy taskforce", said it would give ministers scope to amend laws whilst "sweeping away parliamentary procedure and debate on an astonishing scale".

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

(To Be Arranged)

  Russia Declares End to Cold War? - MAJOR PUTIN SPEECH! - 10th February, 2007 [43rd Munich Conference], [Guardian Newspaper: Moscow signals place in NWO]
  HR1106 - Impeachment of President George W. Bush - 8th December, 2006 [pdf], [Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney]
 The NY Times "Terror Plot" Expose They Don't Want You to Read [Article]

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"In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press....They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. "An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers."
- U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917

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